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So it begins… But I knew this would happen. When making a comment, please be aware that I use a very good anti-virus program that immediately alerts me to the fact that your website is dangerous.  I will trash any and all comments that have these links!  I do thank you for the ones who

More immigration issues

(The article is short but I have included with copious reference material to back up my contentions) I listed this post as both political and personal, because it is. I’m truly amazed at how so many supposedly intelligent people can be so selectively blind. It seems as if they purposely ignore facts just because these

Busy days ahead

We had some route changes and I have a new route. Or I should say, I’m learning a new route.  No problem, eventually, but for now it’s SLOW! Usually on a Monday morning I would be finished by 5 or 5.30 AM. Today I got home at 9. That will get better as I learn

New website

I’m back! It does feel good to have an active website. I was missing this. Now I can write and post when ever the Lord leads. Because that’s what it’s all about, doing God’s work. He has given me the ability to express myself through written word, and I need to use this talent for
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