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More immigration issues

(The article is short but I have included with copious reference material to back up my contentions) I listed this post as both political and personal, because it is. I’m truly amazed at how so many supposedly intelligent people can be so selectively blind. It seems as if they purposely ignore facts just because these

Who is Barak Obama?

  Many, many people literally hate President Trump despite how he is obviously bringing the nation back from the slump it endured the previous eight years. However, there is no question who Donald Trump is and where he came from. I’m not one of the “birthers” who scream about former President Obama’s supposed lack of

Immigration Issues – My Thoughts

Every one is talking about immigration these days. I’m not an exception. It is a serious issue, especially when children are involved. I’ve done some research and formed my opinions. That what this article is about, my “two cents worth.” My grandfather was born in Naples, Italy and my grandmother was born in Saxony, Germany.
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