Immigration Issues – My Thoughts

Every one is talking about immigration these days. I’m not an exception. It is a serious issue, especially when children are involved. I’ve done some research and formed my opinions. That what this article is about, my “two cents worth.”

My grandfather was born in Naples, Italy and my grandmother was born in Saxony, Germany. They met in the United States and married. They both (separately) came to this country through Ellis Island. They both had sponsors who guaranteed that they would not become a financial burden to the US taxpayers. They were <strong>LEGAL</strong> immigrants and both became US citizens. Grandpa was blind in one eye from birth yet worked all of his life earning a living for his wife, his adopted daughter and his grandson (me). He paid taxes, every year. During WWI and the period leading up to WWII he was a Civil Defense Air Raid Warden. He contributed to society.

So when you talk to me about all of these people wanting a better life for themselves and their families, I’m all for it. BUT it must be done legally! We are a country of laws. If you break the law you will suffer the consequences, arrest, trial, and imprisonment. Anyone who breaks into someone’s home shouldn’t be surprised if the end up serving time in prison. If you have children and you break the law, expect that you will be separated from your children. It will happen. You will not be jailed with your family or your friends. It is a sad thing when families are separated, but it is not the fault of the law, the police or the courts that you are “ripped” from your family. IT’S YOUR OWN FAULT for breaking the law.

The same holds true with those who cross the border illegally. Please notice the word “illegally.” That means that it is against the law. So, illegal immigrants are already criminals simply through the way they came into the country. They have shown their opinion of our laws. It is a misdemeanor to enter the country illegally the first time and a felony for second (or more) events. It is not an “infraction” or a slap on the hand offense like a traffic ticket. It’s serious. Yet many people are screaming their silly heads off because US officials are arresting people because they break the law! Listen up: If you break the law you should expect to be arrested and prosecuted.

The US is making what I think is an exceptional effort to keep families together. Here’s a fact. If you get arrested for illegal immigration, and you agree to immediate deportation, your turn around time is usually less than one day. You may be separated from your family for a few hours.
<p style=”text-align:left;padding-left:60px;”><strong>Family units can go home quickly. </strong>The option that both honors our laws and keeps family units together is a swift return home after prosecution. But immigrant advocates hate it because they want the migrants to stay in the United States. How you view this question will depend a lot on how you view the motivation of the migrants (and how seriously you take our laws and our border). National Review, May 25, 2018 Article: The truth about separating kids by Rich Lowry</p>
I understand that sometimes going home is a safety issue. Many Central American countries are in serious trouble and gangs are an issue.  El Salvador has the highest murder rate in the world for males under the age of 19. This is due to gang activity. So I understand the urgency to leave that situation. To get to the US from El Salvador you have to go through Guatemala and Mexico. Both of those countries have US embassies and consulate offices. If they are coming from other countries then they can stop at a US office between there and here and request asylum. If they feel threatened at all countries between their home and the US then when they get to the border they can show up at the US port of entry and make their bid for asylum. This is the proper and legal way. We have a system in place to deal with these issues. They do not need to break our law.

A problem exists with the massive amount of people that the system is being asked to process. This is not a systemic problem. It is because the vast majority of the people requesting asylum are not qualified! Just because your country is violent does not give you a valid reason to sidestep US immigration laws. That what asylum is, a legal sidestep. A lot of places are violent. Chicago, East LA, parts of New Orleans are some examples. It’s a problem, but it’s not a valid reason to get asylum. Apply for immigration? Certainly, but do it legally.

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